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We Help People
Here at Gateway we help people
I loved the thought that was shared when discussing the wording of our mission. What if we just stopped with this…we help people…!
If that is what we were known for that would be enough.

However to make it more tangible and actionable we mention four key arena’s of life in which we help people:

  • To Know God,
  • Find Freedom,
  • Awaken Purpose &
  • Make a Difference.

Join us as we live out this mission in our school, community and the world.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45


Get Connected


Crew is a fun program run for early teens in grades 6-8. Every fortnight on Monday nights at Avondale School, Crew meets together for food, games, and a bible study. It’s a time to make friends, have fun, and learn more about Jesus. If you’re in years 6-8, come along – we’d love to have you!


EPIC stands for… Empowering Parents Inspiring Children. It comprises three sections of activity.

EPIC Groups

Spiritual development is an important aspect of EPIC. At Gateway, we operate several classes on Saturday mornings (10am to 10:45am) from Babies & Toddlers through to High School. These are age appropriate classes designed to develop an understanding of God and a desire to be part of his family.

EPIC Adventures

This program is designed to give parents the resources to make a difference to all children. This extends far beyond the classroom to what we call EPIC Adventures. Epic Adventures runs once a month on a Sabbath afternoon and has been planned intentionally to allow inspiring interaction between adults and children in a fun but challenging outdoor environment. The activities range from beach walking, to bush walking, to bike riding. Each activity is designed to push the boundaries of what each child typical encounters and to enhance their self-confidence through their achievements.

EPIC Events

Several special social events for children such as Water Day, Soccer Stars and Social nights are run at Avondale School through the year. These are open to everyone to enjoy.

Grease & Oil

Grease & Oil Change exists to support all men in sharing with each other any of life’s highs or lows. We eat, pray and share with each other at 6:30pm each Wednesday night in Zaida House on the Avondale School Campus during school term. God’s spirit is the foundation upon which we share. The old adage that a problem shared is a problem halved is our experience. What is said stays within the confines of the meeting room.

Young Adults

Young Adults ‘Connect’ is for those who are 18-30 years. In addition to the smiling faces and friendships we build at Church, our Young Adults Connect meets one Friday a fortnight for food, sharing, study and prayer.
As many of our group are involved in kids Sabbath Schools or other roles at church, only a few of us meet up in the MPC foyer during Sabbath School. Our Sabbath School is generally a discussion about the concepts on Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Awakening Purpose and Making a Difference.
The Friday Connect is where we dive deeper into the Word, growing in our knowledge and challenging each other about what it means to have a relationship with God as a young person in this time of our lives.

Soul Strong

Soul Strong is a gathering of women of all ages who stir each other on, encouraging each other in their Christian walk. Soul Strong meets in Zaida House on the Avondale School Campus on the last Tuesday of every month either 9:00am-10:30am or 7:00pm-8:30pm. We would love to see you there.

Make a Difference

At Gateway we’re proudly Australian. We believe in mateship, community, and a fair go. But most importantly, we also believe in lending a helping hand in time of need. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did! He fed the hungry, healed the sick and spent time with the lonely. Not to mention that he hung out with outcasts, the lonely and those whom society said were sinners. Which brings us back to us. We’re just regular people trying to live well. It’s why we eat together. Always. It’s why the men meet on Wednesdays for Grease-and-Oil, to yarn and pray. It’s why the women meet at Soul Strong to encourage each other. And, it’s why we fundraise for Christmas Hampers, Bible’s for children and food for families that need a hand. That’s it in a nutshell. At Gateway we really do think that serving is The Way. Come and try it out. You might be surprised.

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